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The Miss Angelic Queen of America® pageant is one of the longest running, most prestigious mail in or online pageants operating today. This unique specialty pageant offers competitions at the local, state, and national levels. Our winners have appeared in national pageant magazines, parades, and newspapers. Contestants find the convenience of competing without wardrobe and traveling costs to be a treat along with the opportunity to be recognized for volunteer service and achievements.

State Pageant Information

To enter, a contestant MUST have a local title or she will need to pay the $5 Open Region fee.

Please see the STATE Entry Form for more details regarding the waiver.

State Queens will be asked to turn in a queen photo with a white background by Aug. 10th


State Entry
June 10th



State Queen Prizes:


Economy Entry Prizes:
*Queen Sash
*Press Release - Emailed
*Exposure on the website
*Right to advance to the national competition!


Basic Entry Prizes:
*Lovely certificate of recognition
*Press Release - Emailed
(Please claim from Angelic Queen director via email.)
*Official Custom Print Title Sash (Angelic Queen of state)
*Right to advance to the national competition!


Supreme Entry Prizes:
*Lovely certificate of recognition
*Press Release
*A Beautiful State Tiara
*Official Custom Title Sash (Angelic Queen of state)



Ultimate Entry Prizes:
*Official Queen's Letter - Emailed
*Exposure on the website
*Lovely certificate of recognition
*A Beautiful Full Round Crown
*Official Custom Embroidered Trimmed Banner (with backing) and rhinestone sparkle trim (Angelic Queen of (City)


*A copy of Pageant Emporium Digest
*A FREE Basic entry into 
the Model Beauty USA online pageant,
(Expires with the close of the national competition)


State Queen Optional/Beauty Award Prizes:
*Titles on certificate of recognition

**State sponsor packages cannot be redeemed until after the close of nationals.
National queens do not receive a state queen SPONSOR prize package.





 I have had wonderful experiences with my Pilato titles especially that of Angelic Queen. I have visited hospitals, and I ride in a lot of parades. I even had the chance to be photographed with Billy Dean and Kenny Rogers. My husband and family love the idea of my being considered Angelic, as I have much faith in the Lord and my Angelic Queen title has allowed me to make a difference in the world and serve God while serving others. I have been featured in Epiczine, Turn for The Judges and Pageant Parade with my Angelic Queen title and was even asked to audition for a Lifetime television pilot.

Hannah Sarah Khessel,