Official Terms & Policies of the Miss Angelic Queen® Pageant

*Judges' decisions are final.

*All contestants under the age of 18 must consent from a legal guardian to participate.
*All fees submitted are non-refundable.
*Winners grant Pageant Emporium the right to use their image for promotional purposes. We encourage winners to promote their titles by making appearances in queen attire, but we ask that queens contact us for pre-approval before promoting Miss Angelic Queen at an event.
*Poor sportsmanship and/or conduct deemed inappropriate by the director/staff are grounds for disqualification and/or title relinquishment without refund. (Title removal may also result in forfeiture of prizes and privileges.)
*Local, State and National Winners may enter the following year's pageant.
We WILL NOT COMBINE DIVISIONS! Our state and national levels have a fall back option. If a contestant's date of birth is between the May 20th local pageant deadline and the July 1st national pageant deadline, the contestant may choose to enter state/nationals in the division in which she competed in her city pageant.
*Contestants are responsible for keeping the office updated regarding any mailing address changes that occur between the time of entering and the scheduled prize shipment date.

*We accept entries from international contestants (for a separate international competition), but if the contestant wins a mailed prize package, she must provide a US address to which we can ship her package, or pay additional international S&H fees for any mailed prizes.

-International schedule is identical to the Angelic Queen of America's schedule. In the event that we receive an international contestant(s), titles will be posted on a title page under the INTERNATIONAL WINNERS heading.

*We cannot be responsible for damage to prizes due to mishandled mail.

*We can send your package insured up to $300 if you'd like to pay an additional $5 fee. If any of the prizes are received with damage, the recipient is responsible for filing a claim with the postal system or courier.
Prizes are sent according to the prize schedule unless otherwise posted.

*We reserve the right to refuse any entry.